Odyssey offers advertisers a suggested commission for every affiliate in their program based on historical data. This suggestion is based on an affiliate's contribution to the whole customer journey, including all other channels.

Who we are


Nubis is a full-service digital marketing agency. From initial concept to final execution. Regardless of whether you require an advertising campaign, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing or comprehensive social media plan; we consistently deliver creative solutions.

We started in 2010 and now we work with a team of 10 full-time employees and a large group of flexible employees. Together with Code Orange we help a broad variety of clients with their online marketing.

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Code Orange

Code Orange is a software development studio which is specialized in the development of innovative applications. Mainly, we're specialized in (online) marketing and social media applications, mobile development and premium consulting.

We work with a team of 15 young but experienced developers, who all have an academic background. Our customers are digital agencies, advertising agencies, social media agencies and innovative tech start-ups. Recent projects we have developed include back-end server applications, web applications, iOS applications and Android applications.

Odyssey has been founded by Nubis and Code Orange. It's an example of how we combine Nubis' online marketing knowledge with Code Orange's development skills.

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