About Odyssey

Odyssey is an affiliate incrementality measurement solution that measures the incremental value of your partners. It was developed in collaboration with adidas out of a growing need to restructure adidas' affiliate programme. To support this process, we came up with a data analysis method that can determine the incremental value for each affiliate partner based on their contributions to the entire customer journey.

How it works

Odyssey works with both historical and real-time data from all marketing channels (including e-mail campaigns, SEA, individual partners) so that we can accurately portray the entire customer journey. We aggregate these journeys on your traffic source (i.e. every website and partner that sends traffic to your site) and extract our three KPI's from them: average customer journey length, traffic source density and average position in the customer journey.


When considering incremental value, customer journeys and attribution, it is essential that you don't focus on an affiliate channel only but that you look at the bigger picture by taking all digital marketing channels into account. If, for example, it takes an average of 5 touchpoints before somebody converts into a sale, these 5 touchpoints could, besides affiliates, consist of, for example, paid search, organic search and paid social. At Odyssey, we look at the average length of the customer journeys that a specific affiliate channel is involved in. For example, the average customer journey length for affiliate A can be 5, while the average customer journey length for affiliate B is 20. Generally, the shorter, the better. This means that affiliate A leads to a sale in fewer touchpoints than affiliate B and is therefor considered more valuable.


Density is the market share within the customer journey, expressed as a percentage. For example: if you have 5 touchpoints in a customer journey and an affiliate represents 1 of these touchpoints, the affiliates' density is 20%. Ideally, the customer journey density is high, it means that the affiliates' incremental value is high too. When a customer journey has 5 touchpoints and all of these are represented by the same affiliate (100% density), it means that there are no other traffic sources needed to convert to a sale.


Position is the place of the touchpoint of a traffic source within the customer journey. We distinguish positions because we believe that it is related to the degree of incremental value a source delivers in comparison to other sources. In Odyssey, the average position of a source is expressed on a scale of 0 to 1.


Odyssey shows a 'suggested commission' for every traffic source. This suggested commission allows a marketeer to judge a traffic source on their actual incremental value. In this way, the traffic sources that bring the most value can be rewarded, while those that are not adding any value (or even contributing negatively!) can be motivated with clear metrics.

How it will help you

Odyssey is thoughtfully designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers to help you achieve affiliate success.


True incrementality demands a complete picture, Odyssey provides insights into contributions across all channels at every stage of the customer journey. Based on historical data, real time data and your future data.

Incremental value

Odyssey helps you identify, motivate and reward the partners that provide incremental value to your business.


We are committed to improving relationships between affiliates, advertisers, and agencies. Odyssey enables advertisers to selectively share information with their affiliates and recommends maximum transparency throughout this process.


Odyssey helps marketers or advertisers find out where to spend marketing budget without waste. We provide you with the insights so that you can confidently make decisions that drive incremental value and business growth.

Would Odyssey work for you?


As an agency you can offer Odyssey to your clients as a tool to map the incremental value of your affiliates. Odyssey does this by analyzing the whole costumer journey including all other channels as well.


As an advertiser you can use Odyssey as a tool to map the incremental value of your affiliates. Odyssey does this by analyzing the whole costumer journey including all other channels as well.

The sources you use to gain more traffic, don't always yield as much as you might have thought. With Odysssey you get a detailed analysis of the contribution that every paid and non-paid traffic source delivers to the customer journey. With these insights, you can spend your marketing budget on the channels that deliver the most incremental value for your business.


As an affiliate you can use Odyssey to get insight into the incremental value you deliver to advertisers.

With the data that Odyssey offers you, you can work more efficiently on a next campaign and make even more successful content. Also, you can compare results between different advertisers. This way, you can spend most of your time and content on these advertisers that you deliver the most incremental value too en therefore you receive the highest commission from.

How it was created

Odyssey was founded by Nubis and Code Orange. It's an example of how we combine Nubis' online marketing knowledge with Code Orange's development skills.

Nubis is a full-service digital marketing agency. From initial concept to final execution. Regardless of whether you require an advertising campaign, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing or comprehensive social media plan; we consistently deliver creative solutions.

We started in 2010 and now we work with a team of 10 full-time employees and a large group of flexible employees. Together with Code Orange we help a broad variety of clients with their online marketing.

Code Orange is a software development studio which is specialized in the development of innovative applications. Mainly, we're specialized in (online) marketing and social media applications, mobile development and premium consulting.

We work with a team of 15 young but experienced developers, who all have an academic background. Our customers are digital agencies, advertising agencies, social media agencies and innovative tech start-ups. Recent projects we have developed include back-end server applications, web applications, iOS applications and Android applications.


Let's improve your affiliate's incremental contributions.

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