Attribution made simple

Odyssey is an attribution tool, focusing on providing you with actionable insights regarding the incrementallity of your traffic sources. Giving you the possibility to allocate your marketing budget better.
Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is, I don’t know which half

John Wanamaker (1838 - 1922), Merchant and marketing pioneer.

Well, that’s history.
With Odyssey, you can turn your Google Analytics data into actionable insights. Providing you with information about the effectiveness of your traffic sources. And therefore, with Odyssey, you can allocate your media spend to increase revenue.

Use data you already have

One of the biggest benefits of Odyssey is the possibility to connect to your Google Analytics. When you’re using Google Analytics 360, you can even use your historical data.

Odyssey Integration
Odyssey Analysis

Analyze your data

Odyssey focuses on providing you with actionable insights. That’s why we believe in gathering some data, before making any calculations. Significance is required when you’re making decisions based on data.

As soon as Odyssey has tracked 1,000 of your sales, you can immediately see the real-time incrementality of your traffic sources.

Actionable insights

We believe in actionable insights. Information you can really use. That’s why we’ve built Odyssey in a way that you can easily see how to improve your marketing budget. Odyssey will suggest how to allocate your marketing budget in order for you to generate more revenue.

Compare your current media spend to Odyssey’s suggested media spend to see where to improve. For example, when your current media spend on a traffic source is higher than Odyssey’s suggested media spend, you are overpaying this traffic source.

Odyssey Revenue

Start using Odyssey now

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