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Improve the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Odyssey helps you attribute the marketing spend to the right traffic sources, campaigns or even individual ads. In this 30-min call, you'll learn more about marketing attribution in general,how Odyssey can help you save costs and assist in incremental growth. We'll also take plenty of time to answer your questions about attribution and Odyssey.

Odyssey Insights
    We'll cover how to:
  • Get started with marketing attribution
  • How Odyssey will help you move from (last-click) single-touch to a multi-touch attribution model
  • Improve your marketing spend over all of your digital channels
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Marketing Attribution Made Simple

Odyssey is an multi-touch attribution tool that integrates with your Google Analytics and gives your insight into the true performance of your marketing channels.

Make better decisions with ad spend recommendations

Ad Spend Recommendations

Increase your online marketing performance due to the actionable insights of Odyssey. After analysing each traffic source on a granular level, Odyssey will provide you with a suggested ad spend for each ad. Compare this to your current ad spend to identify opportunities and bottlenecks.

Odyssey Insights
Maurice van Son - Affiliate and Remarketing Lead BESTSELLER


Odyssey helps us efficiently save costs on publishers which add less value and increase investments with publishers which should receive more. In addition, the tool offers interesting reports that we can use in our daily work."

Maurice van Son - Affiliate and Remarketing Lead BESTSELLER

Odyssey Analytics Connection
Google Analytics is all you need

Connect with Google Analytics

To get started all you need is Google Analytics. Odyssey uses your Google Analytics raw click data to provide you with actionable insights.

Easy cost data integrations

Integrate All Your Marketing Channels

Easily integrate with all of your marketing channels. See the incremental value of each marketing channel, on every level.

Odyssey Integrations
Odyssey Cross-Device
Cross-device customer journey tracking

Cross-Device Attribution

Customers use multiple devices. So we've optimized our attribution model to that. Odyssey uses all the available data in order to form a full customer journey with cross-device attribution. This results in a complete customer journey in a single view.