Why Odyssey

Odyssey is founded from the vision that attribution should be transparent and independent.

Perfect doesn’t exist

Odyssey does not pretend to have developed the perfect attribution model and that is exactly where we believe the strength lies. No attribution model has all the data. Neither can a full customer journey, with for example television ads, be measured. That’s why we don't believe in a perfect situation.

Data does exist

With already some data missing in every customer journey, it’s very important to use the data you have, to it’s fullest. That’s why we, at Odyssey, believe in transparency and independence. At Odyssey, our algorithm is public (learn more) and we would never favor any traffic source.

Odyssey, therefore, starts from the fact that not all information is available. The model only relies on the information that is available. We don’t make any assumptions for missing data. And that’s why our tool provides you with actionable insights.

Common sense

With Odyssey, you’ll gain actionable insight concerning the effectiveness of your traffic sources at a very detailed level. But, to convert this information into concrete actions, we especially recommend considering the data that is not processed by the model. With the current state of technology, people are much better at this than computers. Always use your common sense.

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