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Odyssey Partnerships enables advertisers to pay publishers like you for their performance in the customer journey. Also when you are not the last click.

commission Full commission You get the full commission when you take part in the customer journey
insights Personal insights You'll receive personal insights to improve your content!
level A-level advertisers You’ll work with A-level advertisers
more Many more You’ll benefit from the many other perks!

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What our friends say


At Transavia Dichtbij we're a platform full of inspiration, which means that we're mainly active in the beginning of the customer journey. This fits perfectly in Odyssey Partnerships' vision of rewarding all touchpoints in the customer journey based on their incrementality.

Nico Gielen

Nico Gielen
Transavia Dichtbij


It's nice to be considered as a valuable partner and not as a number who drives sales for advertisers. I like it how I can see how often I am involved with sales I never could would have been credited before and get rewarded for this as well.

David Mirshahi

David Mirshahi
Local Traveler

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