Your first-party data

Is it possible to get attribution insights on your first-party data advertising activities?

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Your first-party data

Your first-party customer data contains gold but is difficult to salvage

Every marketer collects first-party data about their customers. Some have a complete collection strategy with a customer data platform running, others only collect the mails of the paid customers. One thing is for sure, if you want to know your customer, you need data. Lots of data. Customer data can tell you who your customers are, where you can find them online, their preferences, the effects of your marketing (advertising), which products they like, where they like to buy and above all, it’s possible to segmentize to pinpoint certain behavior and traits amongst your customers. The difficult part is to salvage these insights and make them actionable. Odyssey is a leading partner in attribution and helps brands and agencies to make sense out of their customer data in regards to their marketing mix.

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Discover the magic of Odyssey’s multi-touch attribution insights

Odyssey is an attribution solution but also helps marketers to organize their marketing data. The basis is created with your website data, which is retrieved from Google Analytics. After this connection is done the Odyssey platform will instantly give attribution insights regarding your traffic sources, more on this later. The Odyssey platform insights and recommendations become more precise with each integration you make, so for example a Google Ads integration will help Odyssey understand the spends of each campaign so Odyssey can give instant recommendations about where you are spending too much budget, and where you can spend more in Google Ads for better performance. Learn more about Odyssey here.

So what is the benefit of running an attribution solution?

It is important to understand that a conversion is never realized by one touchpoint (email, shopping ad, TVC, etc.), but is always the result of a collaborative effort of all the touchpoints that reached the customer before. Using your first-party data effectively will help you understand which touchpoints are pushing new customers and which ones will only affect current customers, and this is only one example of all the exciting things that are possible when merging your first-party data with Odyssey. Within the multi-touch attribution that Odyssey offers, a few options are possible:

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The benefits of applying attribution to your customer data

The possibilities are endless when combining your first-party data with the rest of your marketing data. Your marketing choices will be data-based from now on, not assumption-based. Below is a short overview of insights you will receive. Mind that your creativity also plays a part in this, Odyssey hands you the tool.

  1. Discover which campaigns are driving new customers instead of existing customers.
  2. Is an email strategy enough to motivate current customers? Or do I need to run retargeting campaigns as well?
  3. Are there certain channels that are the source of all the new customers that return their purchases?

Curious about how to start with multi-touch attribution?

Start with a free trial period to get acquainted with the platform. Not a fan of adding a new platform to your portfolio? Not be worried. Odyssey also makes it possible to get its attribution metrics into your current marketing dashboard environment. Odyssey is compatible with the most popular marketing dashboard tools like Google Data Studio or Klipfolio and many others. See more about this in our Destinations section.

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