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Our features help you to get better attribution insights.

Watch this 10 minute Odyssey demo by our co-founder Jelle Oskam. He runs you through the basics of our attribution tool and demonstrates to you how to attribute your marketing spend.

Odyssey Analytics Connection
Understand the performance of each traffic source

Compare your Traffic Sources

Odyssey gathers data from all your traffic sources. Use this data to analyze, compare and improve the performance of your traffic source. Instantly compare things like volume, incrementality, revenue, ad spend and many more.

Make better decisions with ad spend recommendations

Ad Spend Recommendations

Increase your online marketing performance due to the actionable insights of Odyssey. After analyzing each traffic source on a granular level, Odyssey will provide you with a suggested ad spend. Compare this to your current ad spend to identify opportunities and bottlenecks.

Odyssey Insights
Odyssey Analytics Connection
Seamless integrations with all the ad platforms you're using

Integrations with Ad Platforms You're Already Using

Easily connect the ad platforms you're using to Odyssey. By connecting these you'll see the current ad spend in your Odyssey dashboard. Compare current ad spend to the suggested ad spend to better allocate your online marketing campaign.

Analyse any traffic source, on any level

Granular Insights

Odyssey lets you drill down on your marketing channel as deep as you'd like. For all traffic sources you can analyze on every desired level. Easily compare the performance of different Google Keywords or Facebook Ads.

Odyssey Granular Insights
Odyssey Custom Dashboard
Deep dive into your marketing attribution data

Customizable Dashboarding

We've created dashboards, so you understand how the numbers stack up. With Odyssey Dashboards you have a clear overview of where to invest and where to save money.

Use our three simple KPIs

Odyssey's Transparent Calculations

Being transparent is one of the core values of Odyssey. We make calculations based on a public calculation every user can find in the interface. We use three KPIs to determine the incremental value of a traffic source: (1) length, (2) density and (3) position.

Odyssey Transparent
Odyssey Cross-Device
Leave no device behind

Cross-Device Multi-Touch Attribution

Customers often interact with your brand multiple times before converrings. That’s why our multi-touch attribution models, attribute all touchpoints in every customer

There is no one size fits all

Choose your own Attribution Model

Every business is unique. Every quarter is unique. Every campaign is unique and every customer is unique. There is no one size fits all regarding attribution models. Therefore, you are free to choose the attribution model you prefer in Odyssey. You can even compare different attribution models with each other.

Odyssey First-Click Model

First Click Linear

In the first click model, most of the value is attributed to the first touchpoint. This is based on the idea that the first -initiating- touchpoints are most valuable to your business.

Odyssey Last Click Model

Last Click Linear

This is applicable when assumed that the last/converting click is most valuable to you. The first touchpoints are rewarded a smaller amount, building up to the last touchpoint that is of highest value.

Odyssey Linear Model


The Linear attribution model distributes the value equally over all touchpoints in the customer journey. This model is fit when all touchpoints are of equal importance to your business.

Odyssey Custom Model


As a user, you can adjust the formula used for the attribution model and thus “build” your own model. This allows you to adjust the attribution over the respective touchpoints any way you like.

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