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Transparent Marketing Attribution Modeling

At Odyssey we’re using our own, custom marketing attribution model. We are 100% transparent, and so is our algorithm. We use three KPI’s to determine the added value of a traffic source: (1) Customer Journey Length, (2) Density and (3) Position.

No assumptions for missing data

Every e-commerce platform is missing some data of the customer journey. That’s no problem. Except when you replace missing data with assumptions. We don’t do that. We just use the data we are certain of, turn it into valuable insights and let you make your own assumptions.

Easy Integration

Using Odyssey is easier than any other attribution modeling tool. Just copy our tracking code and paste it on your website. We won’t place any cookies, we just measure your transactions using your Google Analytics account.


It's all about transparency

We don’t like secrets. That’s why our ‘algorithm’ is public. By analyzing millions of customer journeys and thousands of traffic sources, we’ve identified the most important KPIs for digital attribution. Those three KPIs (length, density, and position) are the foundation of Odyssey.

This KPI stands for the average amount of touchpoints in the customer journey that this traffic source is part of. Length will be measured both in clicks and days.
Density is the market share of a traffic source within the customer journey, expressed as a percentage. You can see this as how often the traffic source is part of the customer journey. The more often the traffic source occurs, the more valuable it is.
This KPI represents the average position of a traffic source within the customer journey. We differentiate between positions, because we believe the position is related to the amount of incremental value a channel delivers in comparison to other sources. This position is presented on a 0 to 1 scale.

Odyssey's Features

Insights in your data. To make decisions based on data you want to see.
Improve your marketing budget allocation, base on incrementality
Improve your marketing budget allocation, based on incrementality

Primarily, it's all about incrementality. The incrementality index provides you with instant, actionable insights. The incrementality index indicates the matter in which a traffic source is driving sales you wouldn’t have made otherwise, expressed in a percentage.

Easy set-up with Google Analytics

Thanks to our seamless integration with Google Analytics, you can have Odyssey Attribution up and running in a few mouse clicks. The set-up is simple and doesn't require any development skills.

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A single view of your marketing activities performance

What traffic sources are driving incremental sales? How is this trending over time? Where are the biggest volumes of sales? Which individual affiliate is most valuable? Get answers to these questions quickly with Odyssey.

Choose your attribution model

Multi-touch attribution models are available in different sizes. Every business is unique, and therefore we offer every business the option to choose your attribution model. Within Odyssey you can select attribution models, there’s an attribution model available for every company. You can even compare the effects of different attribution models within Odyssey.

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Granular Insights into every traffic source

Analyzing traffic sources is only interesting when these traffic sources can be analysed on a granular level, which means insights into the performance on a keyword level, instead of just insights into the paid search channel. With Odyssey you can see the incremental value, and all other metrics, at a granular level.

Complete Customer Journey Insights

With multi-touch attribution modelling, there’s no one winner in a customer journey. With Odyssey, you can see the incremental value of every traffic source, participating in a customer journey.

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Endless Integrations

With Odyssey, there are endless integration possibilities to integrate your channels into Odyssey. You can easily connect these channels to see the cost data of each traffic source. We’re working on bringing in new integrations every day and we’re happy to hear your suggestions for preferred integrations.


We provide an API to make life easier for you. The API can be used to expose clickstream data about converted customer journeys. You can also use the API to import all the cost data you want.

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Focus on the Traffic Source

Where many attribution tools provide you with insights into one single customer journey; Odyssey focuses on the traffic source. With Odyssey you can see the performance of your traffic sources, compare them with each other, and you have better actionable insights than when you're focusing on a single custom journey.

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