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Marketing Attribution made simple

How Odyssey can help your business

Odyssey is a transparent and independent multi-touch attribution tool for e-commerce. With Odyssey you can see the incremental value of each of your traffic sources. Providing you with actionable insights to improve performance.

Google Analytics Integration

Connect Odyssey to your Google Analytics Account. In a few simple steps you can use Odyssey as an add-on to your Google Analytics Account.

Odyssey Integrations
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Key Benefits

Google Analytics Integration Odyssey
Transparent and Independent Odyssey
Actionable Insights Odyssey
Google Analytics Integration Odyssey
Google Analytics

You can easily connect Odyssey to your current Google Analytics Account. Meaning a quick and easy set-up, using your existing Google Tracking.

Transparent and Independent Odyssey
and Independent

Odyssey is completely independent and transparent. No secret algorithm but public calculations. Because we've got an independent position, we don't favour any traffic sources. Meaning you can trust the data in Odyssey.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights, so you can analyse your media spend and make decisions based on the insights. You can easily see the performance of traffic sources on a granular level. You can even compare paid keywords to each other.

Maurice van Son - Affiliate and Remarketing Lead BESTSELLER
Odyssey helps us efficiently save costs on publishers which add less value and increase investments with publishers which should receive more. In addition, the tool offers interesting reports that we can use in our daily work. Maurice van Son - Affiliate and Remarketing Lead BESTSELLER


Insights in your data:
Make decisions based on the data you want to see.
  • Google Analytics integration

  • Incrementality Index

  • Current media spend analysis

  • Adjustable media spend per traffic source

  • Target and suggested ROAS

  • Actionable Insights

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