Odyssey Attribution launches Odyssey attribution and Incrementality for non-eCommerce!

Toon Hilhorst

Toon Hilhorst
14 Sep 2022

Odyssey Attribution launches Odyssey attribution and Incrementality for non-eCommerce!

Odyssey’s new platform integration makes all of the Odyssey features available for non-eCommerce customers, making Multi-Touch Attribution more accessible for everyone, at any time. Are you tracking form submissions, demo requests, case studies or other goals? Then we’ve got a game-changer for you: Odyssey can now apply multi-touch attribution over all of that! The e-commerce module of Google Analytics is no longer a prerequisite of Odyssey. All events and/or goals from Google Analytics can be used!

What is new?

In the past, Odyssey would only work with the e-commerce module of Google Analytics. This meant that Odyssey used e-commerce transactions as the end of a customer journey. With this new update, Odyssey can now measure different types of conversions, beyond an e-commerce transaction.

Set up process

The set-up process still works the same, simply connect Google Analytics with Odyssey and you’re able to get your insights. Odyssey is able to extract raw data from your Google Analytics account and apply multi-touch attribution over that data without any sampling from GA. It is a true plug n’ play solution, and you will get your multi-touch attribution insights in a matter of days.

What insights can you expect?

You can expect the same insights from Odyssey as any e-commerce customer can expect.

  • Incrementality insights to show you which of your marketing activities were incremental in the customer journey.
  • Ad Spend Recommendations to see how you should optimize your budget in order to get the highest ROI on your spend
  • Custom attribution models: Do all of this based on many of the transparent attribution models by Odyssey, or create your own, custom attribution model
  • Conversion Paths for each individual customer journey you can see the exact path the customer took
  • Easy integration into Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama). All of your MTA and incremementality insights are in one single source of truth with Datorama dashboards.

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