Solistic enters exclusive partnership with Odyssey as the first certified solution provider of Incrementality by Odyssey for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI)

Toon Hilhorst

Toon Hilhorst
12 Oct 2022

Solistic enters exclusive partnership with Odyssey as the first certified solution provider of Incrementality by Odyssey for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI)

October 12, 2022 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Solistic Decision Sciences and Odyssey Attribution have announced an exclusive partnership in implementing multi-touch attribution through Odyssey’s Incrementality app into Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI, formerly known as Datorama).

More than 71 percent of companies are currently relying on siloed data and single-touch attribution models to determine the value of their marketing efforts, causing marketers to miss key insights. To solve this, Odyssey Attribution recently brought their expertise in multi-touch attribution (MTA) and incrementality into MCI by launching its app across the MCI Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.

Now, Odyssey has partnered with Solistic, a leading MCI implementation and support expert, to marry the MTA and MCI expertise of each firm, respectively. At the core of this partnership, Solistic will receive dedicated training and support from Odyssey and become Odyssey’s first and only certified implementation provider supporting Incrementality in MCI.

“When we first saw Odyssey’s MTA and incrementality solution in action we immediately recognized how powerful this could be for our customers,” said Ryan DeShazer, Solistic Founder and CEO. “What the team there has built is impressive, and we’re ecstatic to be announcing this exclusive relationship with them.”

“The partnership with Solistic is the start of something special. Both Solistic and Odyssey are aligned on the idea that attribution is a core functionality for a solution like MCI. As Solistic is a leading and innovative partner of MCI, we couldn’t be happier to be working with them.” said Toon Hilhorst, Managing Director at Odyssey.

About Odyssey Attribution

With Odyssey Attribution, digital marketers have access to multi-touch attribution based on Google Analytics data. This allows marketers to quickly track which channels are delivering the most incremental value throughout their customer’s buyer journey.

The Odyssey Attribution integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence gives marketers the ability to:

  • Enhance reporting with transparent and independent multi-touch attribution
  • Access actionable incrementality insights across channels
  • Automatically allocate advertising budget where it will deliver the greatest return

About Solistic Decision Sciences

Solistic empowers companies to achieve better marketing outcomes through data. Led by a veteran team of data-minded marketers, Solistic is a certified Salesforce System Integrator (SI) partner. It is the longest tenured MCI certified solutions provider and has achieved Salesforce’s Tier 2 Navigator status, the highest partner certification currently available. In the past 5 years, Solistic has successfully implemented MCI for over 200 clients.

About Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies, developers, and entrepreneurs to build, market and grow in entirely new ways. With more than 7,000 listings, 10million customer installs and 117,000 peer reviews, AppExchange connects customers of all sizes and across industries to ready-to-install or customizable apps and Salesforce-certified consultants to solve any business challenge. 

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