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The Attribution Academy is filled with all the information you need about marketing attribution. All the concepts, metrics, and online marketing terms which are involved with attribution are explained here. Want to learn how multi-touch attribution is applied in practice by leading ecommerce brands? Visit our Resources or Blog sections. Start your journey to marketing success with multi-touch attribution.

Attributed Revenue

This is the amount of revenue that can be attributed to a specific traffic source or campaign. It is calculated by multiplying the participated revenue with the incrementality index.

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Average Order Value (AOV)

The Average Order Value is the average amount spent by a customer per order. This is calculated by dividing the total revenue by the total orders. This can be done overall or for specific channels.

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A traffic source’s incrementality is the percentage of the customer journey that should be attributed to this traffic source in case this traffic source was part of a customer journey, based on the analyzed, historical data.

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Marketing Attribution Models

Inextricably linked to marketing attribution are attribution models. Attribution models are basically the mathematical formulas used to divide the value the touchpoints brings in the customer journey.

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Participated Revenue

The participated revenue of a traffic source is the total amount of revenue in which this particular traffic source has participated. This means that it was at least one of the touchpoints in all the customer journeys that generated this revenue.

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The ROPO effect occurs when consumers start an online journey to do research but eventually purchase in the physical store.

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Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

This is the purchasing phase of the customer in which he or she is still very much in a research phase and probably still unaware of the products and or services you offer.

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A touchpoint is an off-website interaction with a (potential) customer. For example the view or click on an ad, reading a blog post or viewing a Youtube video. It’s also used as a synonym for traffic source.

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Traffic Sources

These are the sources where your website traffic is coming from. Examples are Paid Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paid Search (Google Ads, Bing Ads) or Affiliates.

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What is Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution is the process of analysing your data in order to give credit to the touchpoints in a customer journey, enabling you to identify the incremental performance of every traffic source based on its role in the customer journey.

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