Attribution basics

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Single-Touch Attribution

Single-touch attribution models only credit one touchpoint in the customer journey for the measured transaction or conversion. Most commonly used is the single-touch attribution model is the last-click attribution model (or last-touch), in this case, all the credit of the transaction/conversion goes to the final and last touchpoint. Within the context of digital marketing and ecommerce, a touchpoint is considered a traffic source, e.g. organic search, paid social, email etc.

In more holistic marketing terms, a touchpoint refers to all the set of impressions and experiences a customer might with a brand. Some touchpoints examples are store experience, ads, word of mouth, banners, resellers etc.

The biggest differences between ecommerce- and general brand touchpoints is their measurability and level of control. A traffic source is usually something a brand has control over, the experience a prospective customer has with a reselling brick store is a touchpoint a brand has less control over.

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