Odyssey Attribution launches integration with Salesforce Datorama

Toon Hilhorst

Toon Hilhorst
03 Feb 2022

Odyssey Attribution launches integration with Salesforce Datorama

Odyssey Attribution is proud to launch a partnership and integration with Salesforce Datorama. After an intensive collaboration over the past months, Odyssey Attribution built an app and connector to provide B2C e-commerce brands with multi-touch attribution and incrementality insights in their Datorama workspace.

Datorama users can now:

  • Enhance their reporting with incrementality metrics based on multi-touch attribution

  • Monitor and manage incrementality across channels

  • Gain quick access to the most relevant data

  • Automatically optimize their advertising spend based on actionable metrics

  • Allocate advertising budget where it will deliver the greatest return

What is Odyssey Attribution

Odyssey Attribution is a multi-touch attribution tool based on data pulled in from Google Analytics. Odyssey is able to extract raw data from Google Analytics and apply multi-touch attribution.

What can be done with the integration with Datorama

Analysed data from Odyssey Attribution is ingested into the Datorama workspace of the user. The interface enables users to quickly see the incrementality level of all channels, ads and even keywords used in campaigns. Within daily log-in, these actionable metrics directly show what needs action up front.

Besides the interface, Odyssey Attribution introduces an API connector for Datorama. This connector can be used to add any Odyssey Attribution metrics into (custom) reports. Reporting that has already been set up, will be enhanced with incrementality metrics based on multi-touch attribution.

Odyssey Attribution and Datorama support and empower online marketing professionals, data teams and agencies to optimize their advertising spend. Use Odyssey Ad Spend Recommendations and Datorama actions to automatically allocate your budget where it will deliver the greatest return.

How to get started?

Navigate to the Datorama Marketplace and search for ‘Incrementality by Odyssey’. Simply click ‘Get it Now’ and start your free trial. You’re completely set up within two minutes.

Want to learn more?

We’re happy to tell you more about the possibilities of this integration and give you a personal demo of Odyssey. Click here to book a call.