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How to get Google Data Studio attribution avalaible in your marketing dashboard

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Improve the insights in your marketing dashboard significantly with multiple attribution models

Google Data Studio (GDS) is probably the most known and accessible, free, dashboarding tool out there. It’s mainly used by online marketers due to its accessible interface and ease of creating dashboards. GDS makes it very simple to connect multiple marketing data sources and on top of that, combine those data sources together. And on top of that, it is free to use. That’s why GDS has taken over the marketing analytics landscape so rapidly these last couple of years. Although GDS is wonderful in combining data and visualizing them, most dashboards still lack the integrality to become the dominant source of marketing intelligence in management teams. Marketing attribution is one of those reasons.


Add Odyssey’s advanced attribution features to your current marketing dashboard

Most Google Data Studio marketing dashboards are used on a day-to-day basis by marketers for monitoring results, tracking spends and spotting possible channel calamities. Although this is a huge jump from more recent times when marketers had to rely on manual reporting and input from the team. In circumstances like this, prolonged action was a certainty. Today’s dashboards still don’t give most marketers the insights they need to make real rigorous decisions. An Odyssey upgrade is what a GDS dashboard needs to make it a dashboard that will effectively change your marketing.

Discover what you can get out of an Odyssey enhanced Google Data Studio dashboard

When adding the Odyssey connector to your GDS, you can enhance your current reports with Odyssey’s marketing metrics based on multi-touch attribution, for example, the Incrementality index. This is a percentage that shows the incremental value of each campaign or ad to your overall conversions. The Incrementality index will revolutionize your marketing certainly. After implementing incrementality, you will see the effects of all your marketing activities, not only the last one that led to a conversion. Below is a short overview of the Odyssey additions that will elevate your reporting:

  • Multiple attribution models within your dashboard
  • Incrementality insights on every granular campaign level
  • Participated & Attributed revenue insights
  • Ad Spend Recommendations
Incrementality Models Incrementality Models

Blend your data sources and utilize Odyssey exciting attribution insights and suggestions

One of the strong things about Google Data Studio is that you are able to merge multiple data sources with each other. This makes it extremely easy to combine your Google Analytics, CRM and other first-party data sources. For example, the different effects of voucher promotions on returning and new customers and the incremental value of such a promotion on the total journey. To get the most potential out of Odyssey’s technology, the more sources, the better Odyssey can give its razor-sharp recommendations.

Get started with a free template today

You can easily add Odyssey to your Google Data Studio report as a new connector. That way you can enhance the reporting dashboards you already have, with multi-touch attribution and incrementality insights by Odyssey.

On top of that, we’ve also built free templates you can use. Simply copy the template and you can connect your own Google Analytics and Odyssey Attribution data. From there on you have all a perfect dashboard you could even update further in the future.

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