Odyssey works seamlessly with the tools you already love and know.

Tracking Solutions

Google Analytics

Odyssey can easily be connected to Google Analytics. With a couple of simple steps, you can use Google Analytics tracking and Odyssey’s insights. This means you don’t need to install any tracking code, Odyssey uses your existing Google Analytics tracking.


E-Commerce Platforms

Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento

If you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, you can easily connect to Odyssey. We’ve got a seamless installation for these e-commerce platforms. With these e-commerce platforms, we’ll still use Google Analytics Tracking.

Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Google Analytics 360 & Adobe Analytics

If you’re using an enterprise analytics solution, like Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics, the possibilities with Odyssey are endless. We can have you running within minutes and you can even analyse historical data.


Cost Data Integrations

To get the most out of Odyssey, we advise you to implement some cost data into your Odyssey. With the insights into your cost, data Odyssey can show you the differences between your current media spend and Odyssey’s suggested media spend.

Google Ads

In Odyssey, you can access your Google Ads cost data. By connecting your Google Ads to Odyssey, you can see your spends on Google Ads at a granular level. Providing you with actionable insights to increase your revenue.
You can also see the performance of the Google Display Network



Connecting Facebook to Odyssey will provide you with more insights into your current media spend. You’ll be able to compare this to Odyssey’s suggested media spend.


Just like with Facebook, you can connect Instagram to Odyssey to see the performance of this traffic source. Analyse your Instagram performance on a granular level.


Awin & Impact Radius

Using the API’s of Awin and Impact Radius you can connect Odyssey to the biggest affiliate platforms. Analyze publishers performance based on Odyssey’s KPI’s. You can even compare your current commission to Odyssey’s suggested commission.

We also provide API documentation.

Not seeing an integration you need? Let us know!

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