A large fashion retailer struggling with Incremental affiliate growth

This use case explains how Odyssey Attribution helped a large fashion (e-)retailer get better insights into the performance of their affiliate publishers and how they used that information to optimize the channel.

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“Coupon websites are being overpaid by five percentage points, with a current commission of 7%, compared to a suggested commission of only 2%”

The Challenge
Large uncertainty about the incremental value of affiliate publishers

This large fashion retailer had no insight into the true performance of its affiliates. We analysed the existing data based on our Multi-Touch First Click Linear attribution model. The initial result of this new way of looking at the data was as follows:

“Coupon websites are being overpaid by five percentage points, with a current commission of 7%, compared to a suggested commission of only 2%”

current affiliate commission vs odyssey suggested commission
Strategy & Approach
More focus on initiating customer journeys

By choosing the first click linear attribution model, the retailer valued the touchpoints at the beginning of the customer journey the highest. It didn’t want coupon sites to intercept Google searches for its brand name combined with the word “coupon”, but it saw an interesting potential in the user database of coupon sites.

Based on the Odyssey insights, the fashion retailer, therefore, decided to reduce the commissions of several coupon sites and invested this money in paid placements on these same websites.

The overall goal was to get more incremental value out of these publishers.

Incremental growth of affiliate channel


The numbers

in incrementality


commission increase


of transactions


Increase of attributed revenue
to the coupon sites


Better cooperation with fair compensation

The result of focusing more on incrementality resulted in not just a higher incrementality index but also a significant growth in transactions and attributed revenue to these coupon sites. This resulted in a much closer relationship between the advertiser and the publishers with also a model in which the publisher is being rewarded fairly for the work they do.

Growth in attributed revenue to the affiliate channel
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